I’m going to be very honest. I am very lazy as concerning dressing up for church. I attend the first service (6:30am) of Covenant Christian Centre at the Yaba Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. The service is a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes long and the church is 10 minutes driving distance from my house. So most days I just don’t see the sense in me wearing a nice dress/suit and heels to church like I would to work. In fact, any Sunday you see me using make-up to church, I most likely have to go somewhere after service is over or am attending 2nd service by 8am. Continue reading “WHAT SHOULD I WEAR TO CHURCH?”

Praying To Get Results: A step – by – step guide

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (NKJV) – James 5:16b

There are largely 2 types of Christians in the world;

Those who believe that when they have any need, God already knows and will provide it for them when he is ready.

This group further believe that if he hasn’t provided it, it’s because either it’s not his will or he is not ready i.e. it is not the right time. Therefore, they either stop asking for it or keep asking for years and years and years and maybe die with that problem/need because, well, nothing is promised and we should be grateful with just having life and being born again. Continue reading “Praying To Get Results: A step – by – step guide”

by works

Christian Works : Is it by works?

If you have been a Christian for at least a day, I am sure you have heard the popular, clichéd phrase – It’s not by works!

Aha! That one phrase that answers all questions, queries and complaints. If you ask a sister why she decided to sleep over at her boyfriend’s house last weekend; she will say “it’s not by works so don’t judge me”. If you ask someone why they haven’t attended church in a while – it’s not by works. Ask someone why they are repeatedly not fasting – it’s not by works oo. Continue reading “Christian Works : Is it by works?”

standing with God

Standing with God

Many times in life, when horrible things happen to us instead of facing the enemy and challenging him for laying hands on our stuff; we direct all our questions, anger and complaints to God allowing the devil go un-blamed. We blame God and sometimes keep malice with him till we have somehow sorted it out by ourselves. It like God is only relevant when it’s all good and when it goes back we go and privately recover, away from God and return to him after we think we are fine. Continue reading Standing with God