Praying To Get Results: A step – by – step guide

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. (NKJV) – James 5:16b

There are largely 2 types of Christians in the world;

Those who believe that when they have any need, God already knows and will provide it for them when he is ready.

This group further believe that if he hasn’t provided it, it’s because either it’s not his will or he is not ready i.e. it is not the right time. Therefore, they either stop asking for it or keep asking for years and years and years and maybe die with that problem/need because, well, nothing is promised and we should be grateful with just having life and being born again. Continue reading “Praying To Get Results: A step – by – step guide”

What I Learnt from Fasting for 10 Days

In July, my church announced a 10-day mid-year fast that would be 4 days – breaking with food, 3 days – break with fruit, 3 days – break with only water.  I was involved in that fast and here is what I learnt from it.

Disclaimer:  This is my PERSONAL account, written to inspire faith and not to mandate you to do anything. Continue reading “What I Learnt from Fasting for 10 Days”