The K.I.N

The KINGDOM INFLUENCERS Network is a gathering of young and growing Christians determined to achieve their God given purpose in this world. We recognize that we are on the earth for a special purpose and are working towards its fulfillment daily.

Our Mission – Ephesians 4:12

  1. To prepare God’s people for work of service
  2. To prepare us for the work God has called us individually to do
  3. To give us the needed scriptural tools for our work
  4. To prepare women who are spiritually grounded and kitted enough to be of kingdom significance
  5. To build Esthers in this generation

Our Vision – Esther 4:14b

Women who rise up and change the course of kingdoms by the power of God.

Our Mandate: Divinely empowered for kingdom impact

Our Creed/Confession

My name is [Insert Your Name]. I am a part of the Kingdom Influencers Network. I am God's handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for me to do (Ephesians 2:10). I am placed on this earth for such a time as this and I will achieve my purpose (Esther 4:14b). I am being fitted and armed with kingdom principles by which I would take nations (Eph 6:10 - 18). I am divinely empowered for kingdom impact in this generation and I will fulfil my destiny. (Amen)

In The K.I.N, we study and teach kingdom principles by which we can operate and dominate in the secular kingdoms we have been called to. Many things stand in the way of the Modern day Christian achieving purpose and at such a time as this we need to hold on to our faith more strongly than when we first believed and how better to do this than with people who can hold you accountable, pray for you and  together grow in grace.

Its a Network so you don't have to be in Lagos, Nigeria; you can be anywhere in the world! The Spirit of God is one and we can still maintain fellowship with each other through the use of the internet and social media.

bible study

The activities/features of the Fellowship are;

  • Monthly Study Topics - Every month we pick a topic (e.g. The HolySpirit) and a book (by a well known Pastor e.g. Kenneth Hagin) and read, study on that topic throughout the month, holding frequent discussions on the topic within the fellowships's WhatsApp group.
  • Weekly Fasts -  We fast every Sunday till 6pm as a group and pray from 5pm - 6pm (individually; in our separate homes) to break the fast.
  • Monthly TGIF Meetings - We meet once every month, on the last Friday of the month to pray, teach the word (on the topic selected for the month) and just gist. Go here for more details
  • Quarterly Hangouts - We meet every 3 months to hangout at a very cool spot; where we gist, play games, talk and generally have fun.
  • Continuous Fellowshipping with each other through chats, sharing bible verses, songs, books, prayers etc. among ourselves.

Follow this link to register to join the fellowship >>Fellowship Registration

Once you fill the form, you will added to the WhatsApp group, we can't wait to have you. God bless you!

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