6 Days of Creation: Day 1

indexToday is the 23rd of February and it’s the first day of the last 6 days of the month of February. Ordinarily it has no significance but it came to my attention yesterday that it took God 6 days to create the world and everything that is and will be in it including you and me. This means that these last 6 days can have a great impact in your life such that can span generations to come.

I decided to tap into this and do a study and of course pray on it. I’m sharing my bible study notes, thoughts and prayers with you. I invite you to join me and let’s see what God will create in our lives in the next 6 days so we can enter into his rest by 1st March, 2015.

Day 1 – Genesis 1:1-5

[1] The first thing God created was the heavens and the earth. The earth being the place where man dwells and has his being and heaven the place where God dwells and has his supremacy and rule.

  • The first thing we want to do is make that space in our lives; heaven and earth. We need to make space for God to dwell in our lives together with us and reign in his supremacy.

[2] When God came for creation, the earth was in this state:

It was formless; without any form of shape/structure, everything took whatever form it liked and it was at a high level of disorderliness.

It was empty; there was nothing of substance/use/value in it.

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There was darkness over the face of the waters; waters signify life, darkness signify confusion, impurity and every other bad state you can think about. So this darkness was covering the waters, the symbol of life there.

  • It is possible one/all of these scenarios is true in your life. There is no form of order or structure in your life, things just happen anyhow and you can’t say what will happen today or tomorrow. Your life might in fact be empty, with nothing of real value in it. You may have cars, houses, the latest gadgets, a job, plenty friends and even family but you still feel a sense of emptiness. There may be confusion and lack of clarity as to what your life is about. You don’t know where you are headed, how to get there; you may even know it but you can’t seem to understand it or see any way in it. That was exactly how the earth was when God first arrived; it had no order, no life and it was full of confusion.

[2] This is the great part; the Spirit of God moved/brooded/hovered (like a mother hen over her chicks) over the face of the waters.

  • God is interested in that life/purpose that is in you and the Holy Spirit which is in us once we are born again is watching jealously over it. It is confusing now, but you can rest easy in the knowledge that he is just around the corner, watching over that purpose to accomplish it. That is your encouragement!
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[3] God said, “Let there be light” and there was light

  • The appearance of light means that you see things clearly as they truly are. Light clears the darkness away over your life and purpose. It is the groundwork as it enables us see what is to be done in our lives. The light of God that we require is in his word, we need a word from God that can open our eyes and lives up, remove the darkness and confusion and make our lives bright. Light also signifies vision; so his light gives our live direction and purpose.

[4-5] God saw that the darkness could still serve a purpose (and yes, darkness, confusion, uncertainty have a relevance in our lives; watch out for my article on embracing your darkness/storm) so he separated them and gave them different names and purposes.

That was the First Day

Action/Prayer Points

  1. We are to ask him to take his place of supremacy in our lives. Ask for an increased level of fellowship and communion in your life. Surrender your will to him and he will take care of you.
  2. Identify the areas of your life that are without form, empty and confusing. Present them to God in prayer
  3. We are to ask God for light in our lives and over every situation in our lives. Ask for him to release his word to you that would bring light, clarity and direction to your life; so you may see and understand clearly. (The entrance of his word gives light and understanding to the simple)
  4. Ask him to form, make your life in this 6 days so you can enter into his rest by the 1st of March, 2015.
  5. Ask him for wisdom and understanding in his word. Make out time to read and meditate over his word.
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Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

May God bless you abundantly and cause his light to shine over you.

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