6 Days of Creation: Day 2

Genesis 1:6-7

This is the beginning of adding structure into the formless, empty earth (which may be our lives or a part of it). The light has come in and we see and understand the true status/nature of things; the light has also brought the vision of what needs to be done into our consciousness. Let’s explore what happens on Day 2, what I term: Removing the Non-Essentials.

separation[6] The waters were in one mass and God needed to separate them to serve different purposes and so that there could be wide space for him to operate in. Both of the waters are essential but only one type is needed on earth.

  • As we go on to greater heights, some things/people will need to be separated from us for many reasons which may range from; they are not immediately relevant, they are destructive, they are not needed or relevant at all to our vision/purpose. Serious emphasis needs to be placed on this because if God will work with a man, he will not compete with things/people in the man’s life; he will knock until you open for him, he won’t force his way through. God will only take the place that you have allocated to him so if you only give him your education to take care of, that all he would do. We need to be vigilant at this point to note those things & people that we will need to separate from. This can be tough to comprehend but note this; Joseph had to separate from his family so that he could get into Egypt and to his destiny, Abraham had to leave his father’s house before he was ready for God’s will [Gen 12:1], David had to stand his brother to be able to kill Goliath [1 Samuel 17:28-31], even Jesus needed to tell his parents where his house is and who his siblings are [Luke 2:49, Matt 12:48-49]
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[6-7] Another thing I want to call our attention to is the process of the creation of the firmament.

The first thing God did was to command it into existence [6] and then in [7] he made it with his hands. Many people believe that when you pray or desire something from God, all you do is sit down and wait for the thing to come. False! If we pray/desire a job, we are then to go out and search for jobs, prepare for interviews/tests, go to school to get a higher degree etc. We are to get the will of God and enforce it on the earth; weeping, begging are signs of weakness and we are have received too much power to do that. We are to take authority, receive what is ours according to the will of God and in prayer take a stand. God commanded the firmament; knowing it was already made in the spiritual, he then got to work to create it (enforcing the spiritual in the physical) and then he named it.

Action Point

  1. Prayerfully highlight things and people you need to separate from.
  2. Highlight the areas of your life where you aren’t giving God enough space and decide to give him total control.
  3. Highlight areas of your life where you have been praying and seeing no result and prayerfully ask God for the next steps to take.
  4. Pray for the fullness of the Holy Spirit that you might be able to create.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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May God bless you abundantly and cause his light to shine over you.

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