6 Days of Creation: Day 3

Genesis 1:9-13

[9] The separation process continues, leading to the creation of dry ground and the forming of the seas. The total purpose of this separation is so as to make space for man to dwell and have dominion and for a place where God can commune with him.

  • The true purpose of creating the earth is for a place where can live, rule and have dominion. That’s our true purpose on this earth, if you found yourself on this earth in anyway this is your true purpose.

Although the dry ground had such great potential, it was empty.

sprouting-seed[10] Then God created the first ever form of life on earth; the plants. He didn’t just create them, he also included in them a promise of the future and what was needed for their continuation; seeds. This also was in preparation for the arrival of man on the earth, so they could have something to eat.

All living creatures have seeds in them

  • God brings forth one and then put the seeds needed for its continuation and expansion in it. The seeds you need to plant so you increase and multiply are in you right now (and I don’t mean reproductive seeds).

[12] Different from all the other creation processes we have discussed (light appeared, the firmament was made by God); the earth produced the plants! Firstly, the earth had the power to cause something to grow. Secondly, the dry ground received the powerful seed of the word of God and the seed germinated and grew without fertilization, watering or pruning it. It grew immediately into full stature.

  • No matter how dry our situation might appear to be, if the seed of God’s word can enter into your heart and take root; it would immediately germinate and bear fruit without any additional help or assistance from outside.

So the evening and the morning were the third day.

Action Points

  1. Realize and accept your true purpose on the earth.
  2. Ask God to open your eyes and help you identify the seeds of the future already placed in you.
  3. Ask God to plant the seed of his word into your heart as you study his word.
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Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

May God bless you abundantly and cause his light to shine over you.

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