6 Days of Creation: Day 4

autumn-season-wallpaper-hd-wallpaper-11Gen 1: 14-19

[14] Light always represent direction, understanding etc. The lights that God created were to serve as signs. A sign shows/tells of a future, about-to-happen event; it gives warnings and allows for preparation for the main event. If a woman starts vomiting, getting tired and vomiting, it would be assumed that she is pregnant because those are some pregnancy signs; the same way if the cloud starts rumbling and it suddenly gets dark with a lot of wind, we can predict it would rain soon.

These lights are to serve as signs of seasons; a season is just a period of time when something occurs. So we can have rainy season, the period of time when it rains constantly; a football season, a period of time when football games are in session. How do we know it’s almost raining season? We look out for the signs! So the signs give us direction as to what to do and how to prepare; the Bible says that if the rich had known his house will be broken into, he would have prepared [Luke 12:39]. The lights are also to give light to the earth i.e. they are also to enable us see/ understand more clearly. Jesus condemned the crowd for not interpreting the times [Luke 12:54-56]

A spiritual man doesn’t see and know, he knows before he sees.

  • Our lives is in different seasons and times. Just as is outlined in [Ecclesiastes 3:1-9], there are times for different things but there are also seasons in life. For example, there is a season of preparation that everyone must go through; Jesus [Luke 2: 51-52], Joseph (From when he was sold till when he appeared before Pharaoh, he was being prepared), David [1 Samuel 17: 34-37], in fact every notable person that ever waked with God went through a season of preparation. There is also a season of service/followership where you serve someone else before it is your own time; Jesus [Matthew 3:15], Joseph (Potiphar, The prison warden), David (Saul) and a lot others also went through this season. There are different seasons in life and they are different for every person but the key thing is to be able to identify what season you are right now in your life and know what season is next. Without this, a lot of mistakes can be made e.g. Moses hadn’t gone through his preparation stage completely when he attempted to deliver an Israelite from an Egyptian, it failed terribly resulting in him escaping from Pharaoh and staying in the bush for the next 40years. It is crucial to the fulfilment of destiny that we are able to identify where we are now and what’s next for us.
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[16] After commanding them to be, God got to work to make them. He made 2 great lights; the presence of one signifies day and the presence of the other signifies night. He also made stars [17] God then placed them into the sky and he saw that it was good [18]

  • Isn’t God just awesome? He made the sun, moon and stars with his hands and placed them in their place. The sun that we can’t even go near without being destroyed by its heat and intensity. It’s such a wonderful thought that the same God also made me, loves me, died for me and still calls me day by day to be closer to him. Wow!

Action Points

  1. Look around you and appreciate the wonder of creation. Thank God for all he made; the beautiful flowers, the sky, the sun and moon, the beautiful people around us (don’t forget yourself))
  2. Ask God for light (direction) as to what season you are in and what season is next.
  3. Prayerfully look around you and identify what season of life you are.
  4. Correct any misstep or mistake you have made or are making as regards the seasons of your life i.e. maybe you are supposed to still be in a preparation season and you have entered into manifestation; trace your steps back.
  5. Ask God to create pointers and signs in your life so you ca always easily identify your life’s seasons.

 Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

May God bless you abundantly and cause his light to shine over you.

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There are 2 days left, tell me about your experiences and any challenges you faced.

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