6 Days of Creation: Day 6

Gen 1:24-32

The work done on the 6th day were in two parts.

The first part;

[24-25] God first made the pronouncement/command to the earth to produce living creatures of different types and species. And it was so; it was established and already happening in the spirit realm. God then got to work to enforce the spiritual on the physical by making the animals he has commanded to come forth of/on the earth. He made all the animals; every type, specie, variation, color, size, shape and characteristics. And they were good in the sight of God.

  • He made them after their own kind so each animal will continue to produce an offspring like itself i.e. a dog will not produce a goat but a dog after its own kind.
  • Again here we also see that after God had made the proclamation and it was established (in the spirit realm), he then got to work, not to make it so, but to bring about the manifestation of it into the earth.

The second part of the 6th Day,

[26]God here was speaking to “Us” inviting them to make man. Man was to be made in the image and likeness of God and with rulership albeit over the earth and what was created in it.

  • The process of creating man was different, God was about to make a masterpiece; on the other days, God just said it and made it so. On this occasion because we are special and unique and different and so close to God’s heart, he made an announcement and sought to take counsel, as it appears here, with the Holy Spirit and the Son.
  • Man was made in the image and likeness of God; God is Spirit and not limited by body parts or defined by passions & feelings therefore we are made like him in mind/soul and spirit and not in body as he has no body.
  • We were also given authority to rule and govern the earth just as God himself has rule and authority overall.
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[27-28] God then created (instead of made) man in his image and he created them in two forms; male and female. He blessed them by giving them a charge and an entrance to the blessing; they were to be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it. They were to rule over everything that moves on the ground.

  • Let’s note here how God blessed man. He blessed man by giving a charge, things to do which would ultimately lead to him being blessed. A lot of us ask God to bless us but do nothing through which that blessing would come. He blessed them by giving them a charge of things to do.
  • At this stage, man hadn’t yet appeared in physical form, he had just been CREATED. It is not until Genesis 2:7 before man was FORMED and appeared in his physical form.
  • We are given a charge by God and that is our ultimate purpose on earth; to be fruitful in all our endeavors, to multiply and be so numerous that we will fill the earth and subdue it. This should give us a sense of ownership and responsibility for the earth; we are in fact responsible for all that is done on the earth. We need to begin to see ourselves as owners and take responsibility for that which is placed under our care. We need to see what is wrong and fix it; ask God for his will at a particular time for the earth and enforce it. That is the power we have, our calling and true purpose: To bring the will of God into the earth.
  • [27] Shatters an idea/concept that some people have about the man been created before the woman and that the woman was made as an afterthought and not an original intention of God. In this verse it is said plainly that God made man; male and female. He formed man from the earth first and then formed the woman from a bone in his side awhile later; not that he didn’t have female in his original plans, she had been made before and that was why she could be created from the bone in Adam’s side.
  • It also shatters a mindset that says that the charge God gave to be fruitful, multiply, subdue the earth and have dominion was given only to the males. Wrong! It is also clearly written here that he blessed THEM and said to THEM; note: THEM = both of them, male and female. They were both blessed and given the same charge.
  • We are to have rule over fishes, birds and animals that live in the earth. This is why animals fear man and can be tamed by man. An animal or bird will normally flee if approached by a man. This authority was expressed by Jesus when he commanded a fig tree to dry up and it did.
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[31] God looked on ALL he had made from the firmament to man; in its entirety and synergy and it was altogether good.

Action Point

  1. Thank God for creation and creating you in his image and likeness.
  2. Acknowledge and accept our authority and purpose on the earth.
  3. Ask God to show you where your influence is to be.
  4. Study the subject of creation more and read Genesis 2
  5. Let’s correct ever wrong mindset/belief that we might have about ourselves and begin to see ourselves how we were intended by God.

Thanks for reading and stay through to this last day.

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