6 Days of Creation: Day 5

Gen 1: 20-23

[20] There are innumerable amounts of animals in the water; a single drop of water can contain up to 30,000 different species of organisms. When God said abundance, he wasn’t joking. The birds of the sky are also innumerable; different species with different characteristics.

  • God takes our provision seriously. The abundance of these ensures that man will never lack the presence of fish/birds on the earth.

[21] After commanding it to be, God then got to work making each of the different species of fish and birds that can be found on earth. He made every one of them in their unique nature; from the big things to the minute ones, he made them all in their perfection in just one day!

[22] God gave them the charge to fruitful and to fill all the waters of the earth and the birds to fill the earth. This is to ensure their continuity and a continuous provision for man.

  • This is the charge of fruitfulness and we shouldn’t joke with it even in our personal lives. We should seek to add value and be fruitful in all we do. Can you imagine what life will be if the plants/fishes/birds stopped producing or being fruitful? They lose their relevance and we go hungry. Each man’s/creature’s fruitfulness is vital to the other.

Action Points

  1. Appreciate the abundance of the plants, birds and fishes round you.’
  2. Ensure your always productive

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

May God bless you abundantly and cause his light to shine over you.

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