Are You Born Again?


A while back I was thinking about the born again experience and how many people say they are born again without truly being born again. I thus thought to reach out to some of my friends who I know are strong Christians and are definitely born again to share their born again experience with us.

Here is what they had to say!

Titilope Balogun

titilope balogun - born again

I got born again in 2012, but it was a process that began in 2009. So yea it took me 3 years to say yes. Lol. I attended to a Christian university (Covenant University, one of the best *wink wink*), so I will say the compulsory chapel services created an avenue were the word was getting an entrance into my heart. I attended church, was raised a Christian but I was not truly one until 2012. The born again experience is eye opening, literally humbling. It takes all your heart, mind and strength to be a Christian. After getting born again; I have grown fatter, lol just kidding. I broke up with my then boyfriend. My outlook towards life has changed, I can be whoever He (God) wants me to be. Nothing is impossible, it only takes faith. I am more intentional, this is big for me because I tend to be nonchalant.

My encouragement is Obedience is key in the life of a Christian. Let Jesus be your standard not your pastor, mentor, parents and friends. It is an adventurous experience. You get to discover yourself, get to experience who God is and trust me you will always be shocked and amazed. The holy spirit is your partner here on earth, you need him, because guess what you cannot discover God all by yourself. When you think you have known Him, He shows you there is much more. He is the unlimited God


Ebere Onwuegbule

ebere onwuegbule - born againI’ve been a Christian all my life because I was born into a Christian family. However, I became more deliberate about my relationship with God in my final year in University. My journey to being born again began after I watched a movie “Tango with me”. It was about a virgin who was raped on her wedding night, and then got pregnant from the rape and refused to abort it because it was against her faith, even though it threatened the existence of her marriage. It got me wondering if I would take the difficult route in honour of Jesus and my faith.

Before I got born again, I was a “good girl” and I avoid everything “wrong” etc. When I gave my life to Christ deliberately, the true test of my relationship with God came, and then I basically backslid. This was because I hadn’t started an active relationship with the Holy Spirit, I hadn’t learned how to sit still and listen to God/hear from God. I didn’t have a consistent prayer life etc.

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After giving your life to Christ, you are saved, a tender plant starts growing. You have to actively cultivate it, engage consistently in spiritual exercises such as bible study, prayer, fasting, fellowship with God and with fellow believers (as iron sharpens iron), listening to God, and developing a relationship with the Holy Spirit etc. This will help the little plant grow into a mighty and invincible Oak tree, which can withstand pressures, temptations, trials etc.

After being born again; I have hope and faith. I am more focused and purpose driven. I am filled with genuine love for people. I have experienced grace so I am less judgmental and more open to help and to nurture. I have peace because I know where to go and find peace.

My encouragement is a relationship with God is the sweetest thing you can imagine. The love of God is liberating. It gives you freedom from sin, fear, from self-doubt, from selfishness. When you let God pour His love into your life, you will not need anybody to force you to live for Him, to live deliberately. You will blossom and become all He created you for and it will not only be beneficial to you, but to everyone around you.

Abimbola Adedokun

I gave my life to Christ in 2005 when I was in JSS 2. It was at a Sunday church service in my boarding house. The woman preached and asked everyone that wanted to dedicate their lives and virginity to God should come outside and I did. Yes I was a Christian before I stood up for the altar call. I was born and raised in. Christian home.

Before I gave my life to Christ, I was aware of who God is and what he can do but I never tapped into the grace I could get from knowing him. The woman who preached talked about how God could help you with your issues. And back then at that age, I was battling with self-esteem issues. I was usually passive in my communication like I felt I didn’t deserve to be a part of the conversation. After I gave my life to Christ, the paradigm shift was not automatic; rather the Holy Spirit taught me how to handle each situation on a case by case basis. I started understanding that most of my insecurities were internal and I had the power to overcome.

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After getting born again, I noticed that I became bolder. Whenever I committed a sin then, I started feeling guilty compared to before when I was not even consciously aware that what I had done was a sin. I also noticed that it became easier for me to read my bible and understand. I started hearing God speak to me and I could identify his voice.

So I always tell people honestly that perhaps if they had told me point blank what giving my life to Christ meant literally, I might have not done it back then. Giving your life to Christ is you giving yourself and your will to God and allowing him take the reins of your life. And this takes a lot for a perfectionist like me who wants to have things done in the way I have envisaged it. God had to break me several times so that I understand that the life I live is not to please myself but to please him. For anyone who wants to give their lives to Christ, I would like to say that of all the decisions you could ever make in your life; this will be the most important and significant one. You will never regret it because every incident in your life you encounter will prove to you that giving your life to Christ is the one and only true gift you can give to yourself.

Oluwagbemiga Soname

gbemiga soname - born againI got born again in 2005. In Secondary School (shout out to ISL people) during one of the Bible Club meetings. I think it was my 2nd time at the Bible club meeting. I usually would laze around with my guys during the co-curricula activity period. So on this particular day, a friend of mine just said we should attend and see what happens there, maybe we could find some chics  (fine girls ) to at least behold. The pastor -Mr Amusan, my government teacher preached a short but touching message about Jesus & Eternity, then the choir sang a special song called ” I DONT WANT TO SISE ( Yoruba word for miss it/make a mistake) That song got me in a sober mood and the Pastor Gave an altar call, I was initially shy to come out , but the nudging on the inside by the Holy Spirit was too much for a big boy to handle so yes that how I finally gave my life to Christ.

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Sure I was a Christian before getting born again, I went to church with my family. Best student in my Sunday School classes. Yea lemme brag a little 😎Lol

For me the first thing that changed after getting born again was that I now became more God conscious. At every point I was faced with an opportunity to sin, I’d remember I’m born again, I have given my life to Christ , I can’t do such stuff anymore. Heaven became a goal. Living right became an ambition, but can I burst your bubbles, over time, I found myself doing the things I didn’t want to do. I was were Apostle Paul was in the book of Romans. After some time, it was Ok to SIN & ask for forgiveness much later.  You know how we sear our conscience overtime by ignoring the corrections of the Holy Spirit.

Trust me I did several rededications. Several rising and falling moments. All this happened because, I wasn’t taught on guidelines to “staying born again” if I can put it that way. I didn’t know it was just my spirit that’s was born again and my mind and body needed to get the memo (renewal of the mind) No wonder I just expected to be without certain habits the moment I said yes to Jesus. I would beat myself up for “falling” not accepting the Love of Jesus. But now I’m better off, I know my rights and privileges as a Born again Christian . My mind is still getting the memo. Lol

The gospel is so simple it’s too good to be true that’s why religion has complicated it. Religion can’t handle the truth that Jesus came to die for your past present and future sins. But He did. (While we were yet sinners Christ died for us). Accept the free gift of salvation

Stay connected to a bible believing Church or fellowship wherein you can grow. Live your life from the standpoint of the finished works of Jesus. He has paid it all once and for all. Don’t try to earn it, you can’t earn it sef. Just accept the gift. Jesus dashed you. Enjoy the benefits of salvation (healing prosperity, victory and much more)

God Bless You

See you next week where I will be sharing my own story and how to get born again!

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