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Bible Study 3…How can I study the Bible?

First of all make up your mind that you will put some time everyday into studying the Bible. Yes, I meant that, everyday! It is an easy resolution to make (just say it or write it) and despite what you say or believe about it being so hard to do; it isn’t as hard as you imagine if you put your mind into it. It can prove to be the most fruitful and important resolution to make as a Christian. Set a specific time and duration for it. While there is no rule as to what time and how long it should take (plus you are a very busy person); at least 15 minutes every day can go a long way. I recommend you have it in the mornings before we start your day as your mind is alert and free of the troubles of the day. To ensure you don’t forget set an alarm or a reminder; once this decision is made, let nothing short of physical inability stand in the way.

Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts… Jeremiah 15:16

Nothing is more important in eating that chewing, if you don’t properly chew your food, you can’t savor the taste and your body finds it hard to assimilate the nutrients in it. Don’t allow anyone chew your spiritual food for you! Make up your mind to study the bible. Yes, study! Don’t just read it or glance through it, actually take time to study it. Don’t assume that if you just open it and glance through it, you will get the truths of it. Close attention must be paid to the words to be able to see the truth in it. A verse must often times be read and re-read and the words turned over and over in the mind before the truths comes in to us. One must look a long time at the great masterpieces of art to appreciate their beauty and understand their meaning, and so one must look a long time at the great verses of the Bible to appreciate their beauty and understand their meaning.

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When you read the Bible, ask yourself; “What does this verse mean?” Then ask; “What does it mean for me?” When you have answered that; ask “Is that all it means?” Don’t leave it until you are sure you have gotten the entire meaning of the verse. If there are any important words in the verse that are not immediately clear, look it up in the dictionary and write it down.

Like any activity, there are tools for studying the Bible;

  • A Bible in any translation that is easiest for you to understand; I recommend the NLT (New Living Translation) or NIV (New International Version).
  • A notepad set aside only for Bible Study
  • A Pen, Biro or Pencil
  • A dictionary if needed
  • A willing and receptive heart

So go ahead, start today! Don’t forget to ask the Holy Spirit to join you, he is the best teacher!

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