Book Review: Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere

This month of January, as part of my Fellowship’s monthly study I completed Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere and it was simply the best.

Lioness Arising

Before talking about the book allow me introduce Lisa Bevere to you. Lisa Bevere is married of John Bevere and they are the founders of Messenger International, an organization committed to developing uncompromising followers of Christ who transform their world. She is a mother of  four men and also a grandmother. I see her as an extremely strong woman and role model. I personally admire her for her eloquence, spiritual depth and awesome advice. I regularly watch videos of her preaching on YouTube with my mouth open.Lioness Arising

I hope to be able to command such decorum and preach as powerfully as she does someday. (AMEN)

When I first read the title of this book I had mixed feelings; of course I realize the power and respect the Lion commands but I wasn’t sure about the arising part…like isn’t a lion always ready for action?!

But a few glances through the book and I was sure I wanted to begin my year with it.

The book begins with this quote; (Lioness picture added for emphasis)

To all my lioness sisters who feel something wild, fierce, and beautiful stirring within them.
You are stunning.
You were born for this moment.
Don’t be afraid of your strength, questions, or insights.
Awaken, rise up, and dare to realize all you were created to be.


The book describes a lioness – a female lion in all her glory. I caught myself tuning into NatGeoWild and googling Lioness more than often this month. Lisa takes a characteristic of the lioness and uses this to pull strength out of you.

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Lioness Arising

In one particular chapter she described how Lioness have such wisdom to honor the Lion even in his times of weakness. In Lioness Arising’s Chapter 5 – Strength is for Service, she relayed a story about how faced with an uncertain reality, a pack of Lion including a Lion and 2 lioness were without food. The Lion in their midst was fearful and in hiding and the Lionesses developed strength, went out and caught prey. The amazing thing is instead of eating it alone the Lionesses dragged the prey back to where the timid lion was, so as to share the spoil with him. Wow! That’s some difficult, lionesses trait right there!  Lisa used this story to pass a powerful message about honor and caring for those weaker and more timid than us.

In all, this book was a reminder for me that I have incredible strength and my life has true meaning and purpose. This book also helped me realize the place of purposeful friendships and partnerships and the vast impact I can make by just paying more attention to purpose.

If you a woman who has wondered so far in life seemingly without purpose, I recommend you read this book. More still if you struggle with seeing yourself as someone who was made for more, this book would be a revelation to you.

This book is a best selling book and has received a lot of praise from notable people including Joyce Meyer and Victoria Osteen. It is made up of 11 chapters and is less than 200 pages. I absolutely recommend this book for a quiet time or fasting day with God.

Lioness! Arise!!!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I was enjoying it but it ended so soon, i guess that suggest i shld fet the book and read to continue the enjoyment. Thanks again for stimulating the hunger to read the book through the review.

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