6 Days of Creation: Day 2

Genesis 1:6-7

This is the beginning of adding structure into the formless, empty earth (which may be our lives or a part of it). The light has come in and we see and understand the true status/nature of things; the light has also brought the vision of what needs to be done into our consciousness. Let’s explore what happens on Day 2, what I term: Removing the Non-Essentials. Continue reading “6 Days of Creation: Day 2”


6 Days of Creation: Day 1

indexToday is the 23rd of February and it’s the first day of the last 6 days of the month of February. Ordinarily it has no significance but it came to my attention yesterday that it took God 6 days to create the world and everything that is and will be in it including you and me. This means that these last 6 days can have a great impact in your life such that can span generations to come. Continue reading “6 Days of Creation: Day 1”