Forget Not

3 days to the new year. Many of us spend this time looking over our goals for 2015, checking for what has been achieved and what hasn’t. We intensify our prayers with the hopes for a last minute miracle. This is good and admirable.

However how many of us have taken time to list out the wonderful things God has done for us this year? The children of Israel saw and experienced  awesome miracles; they ate food sent from heaven, their clothes didn’t wear out and they walked through the Red Sea. Yet in the face of difficulties they forgot this mighty miracles and sinned against God in unbelief.

Make a decision to not forget God’s mercies and grace to you this past year. There are things you prayed for and didn’t get and things you got and didn’t pray for, stop complaining.

The God that created the whole world in 6 days can do what you are asking for in 3 days.

Try praising him for prayers he already answered #forgetnot  #2015 #seasonsgreetings

Inspiration from Church service at Covenant Christian Centre on the 27th

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