God or Mammon: Whom Would You Serve?

OXYGEN Volume 21Matthew 6:24 No man is able to be a servant to two masters: for he will have hate for the one and love for the other, or he will keep to one and have no respect for the other. You may not be servants of God and of wealth. (BBE)

A while ago, I had money problems; I wasn’t broke but I needed a certain amount of money and I didn’t have it and couldn’t get the money from anywhere. Then I turned to God (it’s funny how we turn to God after we have tried in our own power and failed, but that’s for another article) and he spoke to me through a sermon. Recently, I was doing my usual afternoon bible reading and stumbled upon this verse and it came with fresh meaning. So I’m going to be sharing what God spoke to me through that message and my discernment now.

At the time when Jesus made this statement, slaves existed. And you know that a slave is bent to his master’s will; a slave does just about anything his master asks him to do, he has no say/opinion. Imagine you answering to 2 masters under those conditions; it’s practically impossible to satisfy them both and not create rivalry among them. So you would probably go to the highest bidder. In our time, we don’t have slavery anymore but day in and day out, we still live in slavery to some things such as the Internet, Social Media, the Approval of men, Sex, Money, Food and many others and this breaks God’s heart because he has called us to live free.

If I were to call you a slave; you sure will feel insulted. Its worse off if I said you are a slave to money. How can you know if you are a slave to money?

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A slave to money has these characteristics;

  1. Money controls what you can and cannot do; so when you want to do something you check with money first and if money says No, its No.
  2. Money determines your mood; so if you just got paid, you are very happy and when you are broke, you are moping around and sad.

We are practically like junkies; waiting for our next shot of money!

  1. Money controls your plans; you check with money first before you do anything to see if it’s okay with money, sometimes we even fail to step out in faith when God says we should if money says we shouldn’t.
  2. Money controls our relationships; we categorize people by how much money they possess and choose who we will be nice to, based on their class.
  3. Money controls whether we serve and obey God or not; so we check with money first before we pay tithe or before we pay offerings and when money says don’t, we obey diligently.
  4. Money defines who you are; when you are wearing the best clothes and have some money in your bank account, you feel confident, your self-esteem soars, and you are on top of the world. But when you don’t have so much, can’t go to the best saloons and can’t shop at supermarkets, you feel low, useless, poor and have low self-esteem.

All these characteristics have one thing in common; money is being put first and it’s taking the place of God and his written word. The word of God should control how you feel at any time; it should tell you what you can and cannot do; it should show you how you treat people etc. When you give this power to money, it becomes an idol, a god to you and you are serving and worshiping it and that ought not to be so.

Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

An idol doesn’t necessarily mean a carved image or sculpture; an idol/god is anything that takes the place of God in your life; something that you place first ahead of God. So if you consult money first before you feel happy or before you do something or connect with someone, you’ve set money as an idol in your heart and anytime you glorify it, you are worshiping it.

Ecclesiastes 7:12a For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense.

Money is a defense, a messenger, we use money it doesn’t use us, we own money it doesn’t own us, we control money it doesn’t control us, we tell it what we want it to do, it doesn’t give us commands. We as Christians should strive to put things in their proper place & position; we have been given dominion over all these things, we are not controlled by the economy of this world or its resources. They are sources for use but God is the ultimate resource. Never forget that, always keep your mind on God, he comes first above all.

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So when next, you find yourself worrying about money, take your place as a Child of the Most High God and claim your control and dominion over your finances. Recognize that God is your ultimate resource and give him is due place; then watch, if he won’t honor you the way you have honored him.

I have put together this confession to help us get over worrying about money.

I do not worry about my life; what I would eat or drink, or about my body and what I will wear. My life is more important than food and my body more important that clothes. My heavenly father feeds the birds of the air and clothes the flowers of the field who do not work and I’m more valuable than them. I have the God kind of faith. He knows what I need before I even ask him. From now on, I seek first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and all things are being added unto me. [Matt 6: 25-34].

Click here for full confession.

I have also put together a Bible Study Plan about money so you can have a clear understanding of what God says about money; its place, purpose and use. Click here to download it as a pdf.

God Bless You!

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