i know not a man

I Know Not A Man…

i know not a manLuke 1:34- Then said Mary unto the angel, how shall this be, seeing I know not a man?

The greatest limitation of the will of God is man’s consciousness. It has been erroneously assumed that prophecies don’t come to pass because we lack faith. The truth is that we don’t lack faith, what we lack is faith in God.

“Have faith in God”… Mark 11:22

God not only speaks according to his size but often to the least of men. God does not place his cap on the head that it fits but on the head that He wills. Romans 9:15 “For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion”. This therefore means that when God speaks to you about what he wants you to do, you become inevitably cloaked with a garment of inadequacy which you must replace with the garment of grace. Mary was greeted in a highly esteemed way by the angel of the Lord and was stunned at the manner of salutation that was issued out to her (Luke 1:29)

Many Christians have not come to an “our sufficiency is of God consciousness” so they look to man for the fulfillment of prophecy. A lot of people get a word from God but look to man for its fulfillment. People look upward for promises but sideways for its fulfillment. The hand of man does not have capacity to orchestrate the plan of God. Bishop David Oyedepo often says that every time the hand of man attempts to orchestrate the will of God, God rests His case towards us.

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We live and work in a society that has been so plagued with turning to man for the fulfillment of divine plans that God has resolved to taking a chill pill over the affairs of our life. Blasphemous statements such as “Heaven helps those who help themselves” have evolved to help us cover up for our faith in God’s deficiency. Eye service to man has gripped us and has become a long standing order of the day. People have become pink elephants in a small room or have resorted to wearing red coveralls in the dispatch of their assignment just so that they are not over-looked but noticed.

The greatest source of heartbreak to man is disappointment stemming from a confidence in man. People go to study particular courses in school because an uncle has promised them a job in a multinational and become heartbroken by the news of his sudden death during their final year in school. Man may be the channel, but faith in channels places us under the curse of the source. Those who have confidence in pipes would die from thirst. Joseph was disappointed because he worked so hard and gave his best to Potiphar in hope that someday, he would get a recommendation from him. He expected an immediate recommendation from the cup bearer but was also disappointed. David was haunted down by the very man whom he expected to orchestrate his enthronement.

What do you do when people who you think would orchestrate your rising fail you or are threatened by your existence and begin to hate on you?

In Psalms 62: 5, David had this to say after several disappointments; “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him”. When you seek an alternative to God in the fulfillment of His plan, He seeks an alternative to you in the execution of His plan.

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Look to God!!!! The answer to “How shall these things be?” is ultimately The Power of The Most High (Luke 1:35). Those who look to God are not moved by the disappointments of man. It is impossible to see shadows when your eye is set on the sun. Some people go as far as buttressing their faith in God by establishing connections with men. Those who trust in man, thrust God aside.

The word faithful connotes a faith that is fully in God. Any faith that is not absolutely in God is fake.

Trust in God!

Written by Awhinawhi Joseph Oghenetega

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