am i a prophet


Chapter 13, verses 1 to 30 of the 1st book of the account of Kings, tells the story of a “man of God” whom the Lord sent to deliver a message. The Lord, being a very precise and disciplined God, gave him detailed instructions bearing on what, where and who. The man of God obediently delivered his message and left following God’s instruction until he came across an “old prophet”. This old prophet tried to get him to go back on what God had told him but he failed. Then this old (and obviously very wise) prophet said “I too am a Prophet”

Many young believers have been deceived by wolves in sheep clothing who come in the “I too am a prophet” name. They ask you, “Is it only you that can see visions?” Then they go ahead and give you a 15-minute short summary of their past works. They dream dreams concerning you and tell you what your life would be in the next 5 years. They draw a map for you that God is not drawing concerning you. They make a lot of noise and show off their spiritual competencies.

The man of God failed to realize that every person has a different purpose, direction and aim. He trusted in the words of the old prophet because he told him he was a prophet just like himself. He totally forgot what God had told him.

He could have asked himself, “Since this man is a prophet, why didn’t God send him? Then he would have realized that the task was entirely for me and so concerned him alone. Most times, we put our hope and trust in people simply because they have passed through similar things as we have or simply because they have not deceived us before. We forget to ask for God’s direction and advice and rely on someone else’s opinions simply because they also are Christians.

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The bible warns that “False prophets would rise up from among us and deceive many”. This should point us to the fact that in this present world, nobody is to be trusted with our lives or destinies except God. When God has given you an instruction, follow it without asking for or accepting man’s opinion except instructed to by God.

Brethren, unfortunately we can’t recognize these people by the clothes they wear or the sound of their names but the only test that can never lie and under which nothing can hide is God through the Holy Spirit. Any time a revelation; vision, dream, prophecy etc., comes, a wise Christian should check with God first to see if it true and if it agrees with his plan for your life. Until you get a confirmation please don’t act on it. If a confirmation doesn’t come, drop the revelation as fast as possible and flee! The devil our enemy is looking for ways to steal or salvation from us this last days and he would use any one who makes himself available even the people you least expect.



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