New Year

Happy new year.

The new year is a happy time, we are all glad to have made it to another year, the beginning of another 365 days.

Do you realise that the celebration of days and weeks and months and years is just for us? God lives in eternity and there is no time or new year for him. Why then did he give us new years?

So we can gain wisdom by numbering our days. As the days go by they draw us near and near to eternity, when you cant work or set goals or plan or repent (we would all live forever)and he wants us to consider how we are spending it. Like the awesome dad he is, he hopes that in the beginning of another day or week or month or year you would take time to access your days and by that gain wisdom.

I hope you do that today. Don’t get carried away in celebrations but take time even as little at 30 minutes to think on your days so far and ahead. I know setting goals and resolutions are overrated they still work, try setting goals for the first 3 months. I hope you gain wisdom for the new year.

Cheers! #turnup #newyear #theendiscloserthanwhenwefirstbelieved #Manolo #wisdom

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