My Top 10 Apps for Improving Your Christian Lifestyle

Who says Christians can’t make good use of technology to further our growth and effectiveness? We don’t have to use plain old techniques and grandma’s bible all the time. Here are the top 10 apps I personally use that have helped me maintain and growth in my Christian walk.

I use an android phone and all these apps are free and available in the Androids Play store.

You would have to check for their availability on the specific app store for your phone, sorry

Believers Hymn book & Christian Hymn book – these are both great hymn apps but I found that Believers hymn book has more ‘old generation’ hymns while Christian hymn book has more common hymns. They both have tune features i.e. you can play the tune along with the hymn, which is awesome when learning a new hymn.

believers hymn book appScreenshot_2016-07-17-15-40-26

Bible Offline – I use this app especially for its offline search option which allows me search for every bible verse on a certain subject. The app also features a dictionary and devotionals/commentary.

bible offline app

Bible or Not – this is a game that presents quotes to you and gives you the challenge of determining whether it’s in the bible or not. I think this is awesome to be played with friends or in down time and it helps in getting your bible verses right


Bible Quiz – like its name, this simply asks you questions about things in the bible to test your knowledge of bible stories and happenings.


Adobe Acrobat – this common app is definitely useful for reading all my Christian e-books.

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Adobe app


reMind – this app is a very awesome reminder app that I use to consciously remind myself to make confessions. This app can remind you to do anything in a given interval of time say every 3 hours; you can set when you want it to start and also set sleep times i.e. times when you are sleeping and it shouldn’t disturb you. The notification is pretty persistent and won’t stop till you stop it.

reMind app


Verse’d – this game is pretty awesome and is my most recommended Christian game for learning bible verses. This game is like 4 games in 1 – reference, verses, fill in the blank and books of the bible portions. It gives you a bible reference and 3 possible verses (all from the bible) and you are to pick which is the correct verse for the reference. This game has easy, medium to hard level and it definitely leaves you knowing your bible by heart. Definitely worth checking out.



Voice Recorder – this is my phone’s traditional sound recorder app which I use to record messages in church so I can listen to it over and over again. This app (on my phone) is pretty clear and removes background noise. You can definitely found similar apps if your phone doesn’t have this feature.

voice recoder app

Wesley notes – John Wesley’s commentary is one of my very best commentaries and this app is all about that. You simply go to the verse you are reading or studying and it brings up the commentary which further explains the verse making your understanding easier and your quiet time more worthwhile.

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wesley notes app


The Youversion Bible app – Last but not least, this app is the best bible app I have used. It has almost all bible versions (with the option to save some to your phone), bible in your local language, devotionals, bible study plans etc. it even has a social function where you can connect with your friends and see what they are reading; I think this feature is good for accountability. It has a verse of the day widget and so much more. The best features for me are the highlight and make a picture feature which allows you make a picture from a verse using various backgrounds which the app provides or an image from your gallery. You can customize the image to your taste, choosing the font, size, colour etc. and you can also share this picture to your social media without difficulty thus sharing the gospel. It by far is my most used and best app for Christian growth!

Screenshot_2016-07-17-14-49-18 Screenshot_2016-07-17-14-48-29 Screenshot_2016-07-17-14-45-57 youversion app


These apps are all free to download and use so head over to Android’s playstore to download these apps and see how they totally make your Christian lifestyle more fun and productive.

Do you use any other awesome app not on this list to improve for your Christian life? Please share with me in the comment section, let’s grow together.

God bless you!

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