What are you NOW?

“What you are not now, you will never be”

finger-hand-lens-1338-525x350Everyone in the Bible, who was ever someone and who achieved something for God, all followed the same pattern from birth till the time of fulfillment of destiny. To mention a few;

David was already killing wolves, bears etc. before he killed Goliath, he was already ruling over 400 men before he started ruling over the children of Israel. Daniel was already distinguishing himself, showing wisdom as a slave even before he became a prince in Babylon. Esther was already enjoying favor as a mere slave before the favor got her the position of a queen. Jacob was already loved by God even before his children became God’s chosen people, Israel. Joseph was already ruling as a slave and in the prison even before he began to rule over Egypt. Moses was already leading sheep before he lead the children of Israel. Peter was already fishing for fish before he began to fish for men. Jesus was already suffering rejection as a preacher before he was finally crucified. …the list is endless. This goes to show us that whatever you plan or hope to be in future, you are to start being now! These people mentioned above, except a few, did not even know what their destinies were until the time came but they still acted according to their talents and abilities in the meantime. All these people were already being before doing. There are some talents God put in you, no matter how ridiculous (David was good at killing bears and wolves!); they are there to help you at  some point in time. You never know, they might be the key to your destiny; so don’t wait until you receive an alert on your phone telling you “It is time”, to start manifesting the glory God has put in you. If you want the best marriage, you have to start living it now, start preparing yourself as if you are already married. If you want to be a writer; start today, write something, it might be a line, it might be good or bad, just make sure you keep writing. If you want to be a top-notch executive in future, behave, talk, dress like one. If you eye the position of the President, take steps towards achieving it today. If you want to succeed in life you start today by doing what you need to do to attain success and what you would do when it actually happens. If we wait till we achieve what we want before we start being what we want, the waiting period will never end because we will never achieve it. The servant who was given 1 talent hid it because it did not seem like much to him. Search inside of you today, what is that thing that YOU can do, start doing it and wait patiently; your time of manifestation would soon arrive. Dreams are accomplished when the dreamer wakes up; therefore, wake up and start living your dream! Don’t be afraid, start today.

“Arise, shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1

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