I’m going to be very honest. I am very lazy as concerning dressing up for church. I attend the first service (6:30am) of Covenant Christian Centre at the Yaba Centre, Lagos, Nigeria. The service is a maximum of 2 hours and 30 minutes long and the church is 10 minutes driving distance from my house. So most days I just don’t see the sense in me wearing a nice dress/suit and heels to church like I would to work. In fact, any Sunday you see me using make-up to church, I most likely have to go somewhere after service is over or am attending 2nd service by 8am.

I would confess that I have gone to church in sweater, jeans and slippers before (maybe more than thrice). Most Sundays my preparation for service is about 15mins long; including bath, dress up, arranging my bag and leaving the house. But about 3 months ago, the Holy Spirit started tugging on my heart about how I dress to church.

To give some background, I grew up in R.C.C.G where service was from 6am to 3pm (including meetings); the service is so long that on a normal Sunday I can finish first service in my church at Yaba and drive all the way to Ogun State (45 mins – 1hour) and they would just be about to start the message in my family church. And in this church everyone knew my family so it made sense and was also sort of a ‘rep’ thing to dress up for service because you would stay the whole day anyway and people would notice. Shout out to R.C.C.G folks!

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My thought process was always, ‘why would I want to waste my expensive makeup to goan sit down for 2 hours and then leave after with no Hi or Hey from anyone?’. Abeg I no dey! Plus most Sundays I go back home to sleep after service so why does the makeup have to waste? But I also quickly realized this was wrong thinking. It is always a struggle to decide what to wear to church.

So I did some searching and I found a very insightful blog post [Read Here] about what God thinks about how we dress to church and it has provided me with so much guidance. Check it out!

Let me give a few tips;

  1. Dress modestly, to please God, feel comfortable and not distract someone else.
  2. If you are okay with dressing up for work, a date, a show, an interview and don’t care how you look to church; there may be a problem there! Your heart isn’t in the right place.
  3. Presentation is key! For us single ladies hoping to catch a godly man at church; he may be godly but he is still a man. Help him to find you faster, look decent and nice
  4. As a man thinks in his heart so is he – if you think church isn’t a big deal, you won’t prepare for it like it is. So if you are not taking time or finding joy in preparing for church, your attitude about church maybe the problem.
  5. Who gave you the money to buy the clothes, make-up or shoes in the first place. If your dad bought you a shoe won’t you try it on for him?!
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With this few points of mine, I hope I have been able to convince myself that I need to at least stop wearing slippers to church!

Church is exciting and is a fun place; it should be the highlight of our week…we should look forward to that time of fellowship, teaching and worship so much that we spend some time on Saturday preparing what we are going to wear.

If jeans and sweater is honestly what you can afford to wear to church, its fine but the goal is to present ourselves in the presence of our father and king in the best he has given us and not left overs.

Stop being lazy and dress up for the lover of your soul!

P.S. If you see me looking good to church on Sunday, please tell me well done (encouragement is seriously needed over here)


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