What would make the difference in 2015? Download Bible Study Plan: Fasting

Happy New Year! (I am sorry it’s coming late, please forgive me)

How was the holidays and how has the year been so far? For me, it’s been busy, I have been doing a lot of planning and strategizing for the year.

Its 2015, what’s going to make this year different from last year? A question I keep asking myself. I was able to come up with some answers and I wrote out 10 goals to achieve by the end of 2015. Now, 11 days gone in 2015, I ask YOU this question:


What would make the difference in 2015?

For me, I lived a large part of 2014 without setting any goals for the year, taking life as it came, letting circumstances, time and people determine what I did and hence what happened to me. This left me feeling like I wasted my time and I had achieved nothing for the year (not a nice feeling at all).

So for me, the difference this year is that I have set goals and associated plans to make them happen. Of the 10 goals I set for this year, 2 of them are;

  1. I have consistently written and published blog posts for my 2 blogs weekly. (See my other blog here)
  2. My spiritual life has grown well, I pray, study my bible and fast effortlessly.

As children of God, we should aspire for our spiritual lives to grow and develop just like our professional or financial or marital life.

What’s your Spiritual Goal for this year?

  1. To pray more often or
  2. To read through the entire bible or
  3. To fast more or
  4. To walk in faith or
  5. To operate in spiritual gifts (e.g. speak in tongues)
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Whatever your goal is, it is possible! Remember that “With God, all things are possible” Luke 1:37

An important factor in the achievement of our goals is to deeply understand why we have set that goal. I had to let the Holy Spirit help me remember and digest why I set up this blog and when the import came to me, I felt ready to do the work needed to see its purpose accomplished.

Like every other thing in life, we can’t do it in our strength [Rom 9:16 “So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy”.] Our confidence hereby lies in the Holy Spirit; the one called alongside to help us who is ever ready and willing to give us grace.

I have noticed that to kick off the year, most people like to fast and pray to seek God’s face for the new year (I am also joining my church to observe a 21-day fast). This is why I have put together the first bible study plan for the year: Fasting (click here to download it)

  1. To help you understand why to fast
  2. What to do when fasting
  3. Examples of people who fasted in the bible
  4. The benefits of fasting.

It is all gotten from the Bible, to help you during this fasting period, it is designed to be used as a bible study guide for your quiet time. I hope it’s beneficial to you. May the Holy Spirit expand your knowledge of fasting and give you the grace to do it. Even if you are not fasting this month, it’s still a good idea to understand the doctrine of fasting.

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It’s free, download it here. God bless you.

P.S. My birthday is this Saturday, 17th of January 2015 (yaaay!). Kindly pray for me and I would appreciate a happy birthday from you, send an email.

2 thoughts on “What would make the difference in 2015? Download Bible Study Plan: Fasting

  1. Just wondering if you know about contemplative prayer, silent prayer, meditative prayer. It seems to be very popular with young Christians ( 16 to 30ish) in the United States.

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