Wheat and Tares

But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. (Matt 13: 25)

wheat and taresWheat and tares look exactly the same, they have the same color, grow in the same way and have the same seeds; the only difference is that one is always unfruitful – Tares, which are sometimes referred to as bastard wheat.

Wheat is an important crop in the history of the Israelites. It was a stable crop, something they planted and ate very often. It was used as grain offering (1 Chr 21:23) and gifts for people. Even King Solomon in his highly romantic Songs of Solomon used wheat to qualify his love (Songs 7:2)

The ground is our hearts and the good seed is the word of God which is able to give us life. Many times the devil plays this trick on us. We sow good seed, the word of God into our hearts and the devil our enemy comes in and plants his own seed, which look just like the seed we have received into our hearts without our knowledge. What the devil has sown looks so much like it so we think we are still working in faith or in line with the word of God only that at the end of it, what we think we have received doesn’t produce anything.

Wheat and tares look alike but while wheat produces seeds after itself, the Tare is more or less a flower, it is barren!

The enemy sowed tares in the midst of the wheat for a reason, because it is not easy to tell them apart. It is very common to see tares and think they are wheat.

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A perfect example of the Wheat-Tare lie is what happened in the Garden of Eden.
God sowed good seed; he placed man in the garden gave him all he needed and set him to be in fellowship with him. While God was away, the devil crept in and sowed a tare in form of a word/thought into the heart of Eve and little by little, the tare grew (The bible says she saw the fruit and it looked good, it didn’t look like any bad could come out of eating the good looking fruit did it?) and affected Adam also. They ate the fruit and end result was barrenness, they were stripped of their glory and power and cast out of the garden the consequence which is still being paid till to the day (Thanks to God, in Christ we are free!). The thought/idea Satan gave Eve looked fair and good and appropriate but the end result was barren!

This Wheat and Tare relationship also describes our modern day situation; the righteous and unrighteous live, work, eat, play together and there seems to be no difference. It is hard to tell apart a born-again Christian from a sinner these days cos we all look alike but while one will inherit eternal life, the other will inherit eternal damnation.

Another lie is that you can be a Christian and still live in the former way of the world; Yes, you go to church and pray but that little tare (of small worldliness) sown in the mix won’t allow your Christian walk to be productive.

Another very common tare is when you think you can work out God’s word in your life by your own power; so for example, you receive a word from God that you will meet your husband in 2016 and then you begin to work it out in your strength, so you start wasting your time at events you shouldn’t be attending just so you can catch a man’s attention or you start entertaining guys you shouldn’t even listen to in the first place in the name of making it easier for your husband to find you. At the end of the year you don’t meet your husband as was promised and then you wonder if God has failed. No, God didn’t fail, you stepped out of faith you started working out the things of the spirit with the power of your flesh.

How foolish can you be? After starting your Christian lives in the Spirit, why are you now trying to become perfect by your own human effort? – Gal 3:3 (NLT)

Once the tare is sown and begins to grow along with the wheat, the devil goes to rest because he knows he doesn’t have to do any major work again as the owner of the farm will destroy himself. He knows that once he can successfully get you out of faith to believe on the tare, you are done and no matter the promises of God on your life, they wouldn’t come to pass. He knows that in the human heart it will take deep and rapid root; error, sin, and hypocrisy, are the native products of the human heart; and, when left alone, start up with deadly luxury.


Remember, a tare is barren but the good seed is fruitful, let’s begin to examine our lives and look over those places that seem barren, are we sure we are not dealing with a tare? Remember it will look like it, but it’s not it.

“Men are therefore bound to take heed what they hear, as well as how they hear; for their adversary the devil goeth about, not only as a roaring lion, but also as an angel of light, seeking, in various ways, to destroy the souls of men.”


This article was inspired by Pastor Efe Obuke message at WAFBEC 2016, you can purchase the message HERE

PP: I pray God exposes every Tare disgusing in your life and remove every obstacle to his word in your life!

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God bless you!


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