why do we celebrate easter

Why do we celebrate Easter?

All of heaven is interested in the cross of Christ, hell afraid of it, while men are the only ones to ignore its meaning — Oswald chambers

The season of Easter is about to come to an end; but have we gotten/understood the true significance of it.

Do you even know what Easter means for us? Many times we read the bible, believe the Word of God but don’t see the true meaning behind the words and thus the word is without power. Let’s look a bit deeper into what happened at Easter.

  • He descended into hell, defeated Satan and set the captives free. He now holds the keys to death, hell and the grave.

Before Christ died, whenever anyone died they went to hell; whether righteous or sinner. Though the righteous ones go to a part of hell, a place without suffering; this is why the rich man could see Abraham and Lazarus in hell (Luke 16:23) but could not go to meet them because there was a separation between both places (Luke 16:26), this is also why the archangel Michael wrestled with the devil over Moses’ body (Jude 9) [Elisha & Moses could appear to Jesus on the mount of transfiguration because Elisha didn’t die but was taken up to heaven and Moses had been released]. When Christ died, he, like every other man also went down into hell (Ephesians 4:8-9), however he was the Son of God with power (Acts 2:24, Romans 6:9) and he defeated the devil and set the captives free (this is why people resurrected when Jesus died (Matthew 27:52-53)) so they could enter into heaven (Ephesians 4:8) and he took the keys of death and hell (Revelations 1:18). So now when a righteous person dies, they are not held captive in hell but can go directly into heaven (Acts 7:55-56, 59).

  • All our sins were forgiven.
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O how I wish the unbelievers can know this! Every sin you can ever commit has been forgiven by God and the punishment for it laid on Jesus at the cross (Isaiah 53:5). He died once and for all, he died for the whole world, even the children yet unborn, all we need to do is acknowledge we have sinned and accept his forgiveness, we don’t need to carry the weight of our sins anymore, he did that for you. There is no sin too big he has not already forgiven, nothing should hold us back. We are free and before God; holy, righteous and perfect without fault or blemish; we need to accept this by faith and then it would manifest in our physical life.

  •  His resurrection gave us hope of eternal life

Everyone lives forever because we are spirits living in a body and though this body will perish in the grave, our spirits will live forever either in hell or in heaven. But because Jesus rose up from the dead, we have the assurance that even though we die, we would live again with Christ in heaven (John 11:25-26); this is one of the many tasks of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 4:30, Romans 8:11, 1 Corinthians 6:14). This is the hope that we have and the promise of God to us (Romans 10:9). Therefore when a Child of God dies we are meant to rejoice and be happy as they have passed into life to be with God forever free from this wicked and sinful world (1 Corinthians 15: 12- 14, 51-52)

  •  He reconciled us back to God
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Before the death of Christ, we needed a priest/prophet to speak to God for us, we couldn’t have fellowship with God. The Holy Spirit came upon men but didn’t dwell in or with them because God is holy and cannot behold iniquity. The Most Holy Place in the temple where the Spirit of God dwelled was covered with a veil and a priest could go there only once in a year. When Christ died, the veil was torn apart (Matthew 27:51) and there was no more separation from God as all our iniquity had been taken away and he now sees us as holy and so can commune with us again. Now we don’t need a prophet or priest to talk or hear from God for us (Hebrews 8: 10-12), we can approach God’s throne boldly and present our case (Hebrews 4:16). The Holy Spirit dwells in and with us and we have become the temple of God. We have been reconciled back to God (2 Corinthians 5:18-19)

  •  We can enter into all God has in store for his children.

This includes healing, prosperity, abundance, dominion etc. Our sin made us unqualified for them but now that we have no sin before God we have free access to this wonderful blessings. We are called to live free of anything that held us down before; fear, sickness, poverty, failure, shame etc. In Christ, we have all we need and more. Christ is in heaven, the Holy Spirit is in us. Let’s not forget that he left behind his will (Matthew 28:19-20), one we must execute; he left a task for us to do, the day is drawing to a close, go about your fathers business! In your own way, little be it or much, tell someone about Jesus Christ; many still don’t know or believe in him, do something! There are many avenues available to us now, use social media, speak to the person sitting near you in the bus, tell your co-workers, class mates, employees that God loves them. Pray for boldness and the right words, allow God to use you. I pray we will sit today in sober reflection and understand the real reason he died and then go do something about it.

Remember, if anyone is ashamed of him and his words, he will also be ashamed of the person when he comes in his glory (Mark 8:38) and if we disown him, he will also disown us (2 Timothy 2:12b). God loves you. I know that my Redeemer lives and that in the end he will stand upon the earth – Job 19:25

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